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Origins of Our Standards and Practices

At a young age Pacific Video Repair founder Stephen Foster-Shaner was fascinated with mechanical objects and would happily spend his time "fixing" (dismantling) household appliances, his sisters' toys, and anything else with screws. It wasn't until high school and an electronics class that he discovered that truly fixing something was even more satisfying than simply figuring out how it worked.

During the first part of what was to become a lengthy college career, Stephen worked in a small, independent video store and quite naturally and easily took on the task of repairing the very expensive rental VHS tapes that would be returned in worse condition than they left in. In the small community word spread amongst customers that Stephen was able to fix tapes and he started moonlighting, repairing their personal videos as well.

Stephen realized that if he was seeing demand for his services in a community of less than five hundred there would surely be other people across the country who needed assistance as well. He knew that the internet would be the best way to reach them but he had a problem: how do you convince a potential customer that it would be a good idea to send their priceless tape across the country to someone whom they couldn't meet face-to-face? The idea stalled for two years as Stephen's college and real-world education continued, until he came to understand that a service businesses' reputation and success depends entirely on customer service and satisfaction; if you have a great product and pay attention to customer needs, your reputation will grow and satisfied customers will help other people find you.

So Stephen decided to just go for it and try to build his business one satisfied customer at a time. He created a very simple website designed to tell people exactly what he would do for them and hoped for the best. PacificVideoRepair.com's first order was received on June 28th, 2003 and we have served many thousands of customers since that day. We are proud of the feedback and reviews that we have received over the years and we know that only by maintaining our standards can we continue for as long as people have tapes to repair.

Pacific Video Repair has grown since the very earliest days when it was solely run by a college student putting himself through school, over the years we have gotten even better. The skills, attention to detail and focus on customer service Stephen developed have been passed on to all of our employees. Everyone here cares about the service we provide and takes pride in their ability to restore your video memories quickly and professionally.

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