Professional miniDV Tape Repair and Transfer Services

  • $29.50 per tape for all standard repairs for miniDV tapes- Standard repairs cover a wide range of issues, please visit our What We Fix page for details on our repair services.
  • $34.50 per miniDV tape for all repairs for Mold/Mildew, Flood, Fire or Lubrication Deterioration - quantity discounts are available, please visit our What We Fix page for details on these repair services.
  • Risk free - no charge unless your tape can be repaired to our standards.
  • No hidden fees - flat pricing for our services with no surprises.
  • Free return shipping with tracking - you can be confident that you'll know where your tape is.
  • Lifetime guarantee on our work - we'll be here to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Turnaround for most tapes is fifteen business days or less - your order will be completed promptly and professionally. Please note that some types of damage may require more time to repair.
  • DVD transfers - reduced to $10.95 if the tape has been repaired.

Our address is:

Pacific Video Repair
19689 7th Ave NE #362
Poulsbo, WA 98370

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miniDV tapes can be both amazingly robust and surprisingly fragile
The same format of tape that can be salvaged after a flood or fire can be easily broken by a two-year old, malfunctioning equipment or a drop to the floor, making it impossible to view your footage. Whatever the cause, your broken video cassette can be saved - you've found the best way to fix it.
We care about your footage
If your miniDV tape is important enough to you to have it professionally repaired you can be confident that when you send it to us it will be treated with care and respect, just as if contains our own priceless footage.
Video tape repairs are our specialty
We have served thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world since 2003 and will apply our experience and expertise to the repair, recovery and restoration of your footage. To the best of our knowledge we are the only firm that focuses on video tape repairs while other companies primarily offer DVD transfers and might do an occasional repair job. Our specialty is repairing broken video tapes and we do it all day, every day.
miniDV tape repair services are $29.50 per tape
We work with VHS, 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8, miniDV and miniDV HDV tapes. There are no hidden charges; our flat fee fixes anything and everything that is wrong with your tape with free return shipping and a lifetime guarantee. Completed orders will be shipped within two business weeks of receiving the tape.
Two types of transfer services
DVDs that will play in your DVD player or computer, or we can transfer your footage to the file format of your choice and save it to a data disc or external hard drive.
Risk Free
Unless your tape can be repaired to our standards with the majority of its footage recovered there will not be any charge to you and we will return it at our expense.

If you want to:

  • Fix a broken VHS tape
  • Fix a broken VHS-C tape
  • Fix a broken 8mm tape
  • Fix a broken Hi8 tape
  • Fix a broken Digital8 tape
  • Fix a broken miniDV tape
  • Fix a broken miniDV HD tape

Ours is the service for you.

We offer our services
for all video tape formats:

  • VHS Tape Repair
  • VHS-C Tape Repair
  • miniDV Tape Repair
  • miniDV HD Tape Repair
  • 8mm Tape Repair
  • Hi8 Tape Repair
  • Digital8 Tape Repair

Your tape is safe with us.

Pacific Video Repair Survey Results
   "Pacific Video Repair did exactly what it promised. It is a first-class operation."
            -Ralph Mantyband of Illinois

   "I think you are outstanding. I was extremely pleased with your service and technical expertise. If I ever have damaged tapes in the future, I would only deal with your company."
            -Charles K. of Arizona

   "I always think I can repair anything and watched Youtube videos to help me fix a broken tape. I made a mess of it, and when a second tape broke I decided to use your service. It was the best decision I've made in quite a while!"
            -Dennis Berthold of Texas

   "I am very happy and satisfied with my order. I had a heavily damaged video tape put on to a DVD. The service was excellent and the cost quite a bargain."
            -Jane Reyes of California

   "It was fast, affordable and most importantly you were able to fix our tape. We were a little nervous at first to send our tape to WA, but nobody around my area could fix it! My daughter accidentally broke (snapped) our miniDV tape from the Christmas we got the kids a sheepdog puppy. The kids were young when we got the puppy and they thought they would never be able to see the tape again. We really thought the memories on that tape were lost forever! Thanks to the great work from Pacific Video Repair, we are able to hold on to and cherish the memories from that Christmas video. We will be surprising them again this Christmas with the fixed tape Pacific Video Repair transferred to a DVD! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
            -Lori Denniston of Ohio

   "Your company has exhibited superior service each and every time that I have been your customer. Thanks!"
            -Clarence Stewart of North Carolina

   "Honestly, Pacific Video Repair was the only company that would offer to fix the problem. All other companies did not want to commit to the task at hand. I am very impressed as well as very grateful that PVR was able to salvage my tape and all the valuable memories it contained. Thank you PVR!"
            -Patrick B. of Texas

   "Pacific Video Repair surpassed expectations. Not only was my videotape repaired well and returned very promptly as promised, but I was continually apprised of repair status via e-mails confirming receipt of my tape, video tape repair, and shipment back to me. Moreover, questions asked via e-mail were responded to quickly. I highly recommend this service to others."
            -Doug Hughes of Texas

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