Mold or Mildew Damaged Video Tape Repair Services

Mold Damaged VHS Tapes
$34.50 per tape all mold or mildew damage
VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, miniDV and miniDV HD - anything and everything that's wrong with your tape is covered, please visit our FAQ page for details regarding the repair process for 8mm, Hi8 and Digital8 tapes. Discount pricing is available.

Mold and Mildew is usually visible
When a tape is affected by mold or mildew the damage may be hidden on the tape rolled up on the reels or it may be visible with white, gray or black colonies seen growing inside the cassette. The mostly-sealed environment of a videotape and the lubrication layer of the tape itself is a prime candidate for mold growth, but there is no reason to throw your tapes out, they are very likely salvageable.

The overall recovery rate for mold and mildew exposure is high
Each tape that has been exposed to mold or mildew must be individually assessed, but most tapes can be cleaned and restored with the vast majority of their footage recovered. While the visible mold can always be removed from a tape under extreme circumstances the mold will start to etch the surface of a tape, literally "eating" away the footage and causing permanent interference. Whether or not your tape can be restored to our standards depends on the extent of the mold, so we'll have to see your video to be certain that it can be fixed- we do not charge an assessment fee so there would not be a charge to you unless your tape can be repaired with its footage recovered.

Discount pricing
The repair process for mildew or mold exposed tapes is slow and gentle in order to increase the chances that footage can be recovered; working with tapes in batches is more efficient so if you send more than ten tapes at a time the repair charge is discounted to $29.50 per tape. You will see a prompt when you place an order to make sure the discount applies to the repair work for the tapes you want to send in.