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It's very easy to send a tape to us

After you fill out the form below and place your order we will instantly send you an confirmation email that will contain our mailing address and a summary of your information. All we need is a copy of the email you receive with your tape and we will take it from there!

Our ordering system is automated

The price quote you will receive in your confirmation email will be based on a single tape. If you have multiple tapes to send it is not necessary to place an order for each of them; one order for one of the tapes is all that's needed to get started and you can send as many tapes as you'd like in single package. If you would like an accurate grand total before you send multiple tapes please send us an email and we will be happy to provide an itemized breakdown of the cost of the work you describe.

Is your mailing address outside of the US?

If so, please use our International Order Form when placing your order.