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Customer Feedback

"I always think I can repair anything and watched YouTube videos to help me fix a broken tape. I made a mess of it, and when a second tape broke I decided to use your service. It was the best decision I've made in quite a while!"
            -Dennis Berthold of Texas

"I was more than satisfied with my tape repair as well as having the DVD's. Had I known of you before, I would have used your services long ago. Whatever the price... it was well worth it."
            -Ethel McFarland of Tennessee

"I am really grateful for your service. The VHS tapes I have sent to you thus far are 25+ years old and have so many family memories on them. You've done a wonderful job repairing them and transferring them to DVDs. Thank you so much!"
            -Margaret M. of California

"So impressed with your company. Very trustworthy, fast and efficient. I will definitely use your services again!"
            -Geri of Iowa

"Your service was easy and very satisfying! I have already recommended you to other friends and family!! I have to say I live across the street from a DVD transfer shop and they are rude and I won't deal with them. I loved working with your company!"
            -Christine Vassar of California

"I was so happy my tape was repaired, it contained videos of my dad singing his favorite songs. In addition my aunt and uncles were on the tape. They all have since past away, it's a treasure I could not have replaced. Because of Pacific Video Repair I am able to share with my daughters, my grandchildren and future generation my family who they had not met. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
            -Koren Winters of Tennessee

"Before I found you we were told that all of our tapes could never be recovered. Your service is priceless to us and we will pass the word on."
            -Kathy Heeman of Pennslyvania

"Superb customer service!!! I feel as though I'm dealing with old friends. Nothing was too much trouble and your friendliness is unsurpassed. Quite frankly, you are the epitome of excellent customer service! I will not hesitate to use you again, or recommend friends and colleagues!"
            -Lynne Westhead of California

"Outstanding. Your communication is excellent, matched by your service. You found no problems with my tape, offered to return it at no charge -- which is itself extraordinary, these days -- or make a DVD. I chose the latter and soon received it and the tape, along with a check for the balance of what I had paid up front. I have absolute confidence in your business. Thank you!"
            -Philip Ulanowsky of Virginia

"I was very thrilled that my videos were repaired and the DVD's made. I had thought I lost my children's memories from those years. the quality was great."
            -Jan McLaughlin of North Carolina

"You saved my project and reputation. I was not looking forward to telling the bride/groom that I lost footage of dancing and cake cutting."
            -Dave K, Digital Kreations of Connecticut

"Pacific Video Repair saved me in a huge crunch. I had a DV cassette that got completely shattered with partially damaged footage. Pacific was able to service the product for an extremely reasonable price, turn around the product in a reasonable time, and deliver to me the footage on a new DV tape. I would highly recommend this service to other customers."
            -Jeffrey Harley of Illinois

"You're a shining star in a world of generally dismal customer service. The footage was irreplaceable and I was devastated at the thought it might be lost. When you e-mailed that the tape was actually not damaged I was doubly appreciative of your integrity and amazed that you chose to not charge me for your time, skill and knowledge in determining what the problem actually was. The DVD copy we purchased was a super bonus. My husband and I just watched it and laughed all the way through. For 10 bucks we have piece of mind, no longer worrying about something happening to the tape. When people asked why I risked sending the tape all the way to Washington, they made me kind of nervous but it was truly worth it. I would recommend your service to anybody without hesitation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
            -Karen Spindel of New Jersey

"Honestly, Pacific Video Repair was the only company that would offer to fix the problem. All other company's did not want to commit to the task at hand. I am very impressed as well as very grateful that PVR was able to salvage my tape and all the valuable memories it contained. Thank you PVR!"
            -Patrick B. of Texas

"Pacific Video Repair did exactly what it promised. It is a first-class operation."
            -Ralph Mantyband of Illinois

"I thought sending it to the West Coast would be a pain but it was actually very easy. I was extremely pleased with the service. I liked that you were precise on exactly what services you covered, how much it cost & what I needed to do. I thought the service was very professional and that is hard to find nowadays."
            -Darlene Bourgeoise of Massachusetts

"Was worried a little about sending my priceless damaged VHS tape through the mail to be repaired, but communication was excellent! I was contacted by e- mail when it arrived there, then shortly ( only a few days) , I was contacted again that it was on its way back to me. Repairs were quick, quality excellent with no anxiety on my end at all! Thanks so much!"
            -Kathy Hart of California

"I had five important tapes that I thought were ruined. PVR was able to recover 3 of the 5 and sent me a refund on those that were not recoverable. The service was fast and at a reasonable cost. Thanks PVR."
            -Jim Flower of Ohio

"I can't thank you enough for saving my footage. I had a very stressful week, thinking that all of the footage for the opening scene of my short film was lost. But you managed to save 99% of it, for which I am eternally grateful. The communication and customer service was also fantastic. It's great to find a company that takes pride in itself, and pride in its customer service. Thank you again!!!"
            -Adam Morgan of Pennsylvania

"Great Job - Very time sensitive, no hidden costs, good e-mails during the process to keep the customer informed. Definitely would use Pacific Video Repair if I ever need it in the future..."
            -Mike S. of Illinois

"I don't know how many of your customers come to you as a last ditch effort in a state of desperation but that's where I was at. I tried to repair my tape myself and realized it was outside the scope I could handle. Thank you for doing what I couldn't."
            -Paul of North Carolina

"Thank you for your great job. I am very happy with your service"
            -Juan Agosto of Puerto Rico

"This is a great service that I never knew existed. I thought my old 8mm tapes were ruined for good and I would never be able to play them again. Thank you for restoring my precious memories on to DVD! They turned out better than I imagined. Thanks!"
            -Lisa Royce of California

"Very satisfied. Overall outstanding and professional customer service and prices that can't be beat! Would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for saving a memory that would have otherwise been lost."
            -Heather Zalis of Virginia

"If I ever find all the videos I made through the years and one is broken they are going right back to you in a hurry. I have been searching for a way to get these tapes repaired and I still can't believe it was so fast and easy to get it done. Add me to your list of satisfied customers and I will recommend your service to anyone else in need of tape repair."
            -Jeff Kirkpatrick of Florida

"I have trusted Pacific Video with irreplaceable family videos and they have proven to be very trustworthy and professional. I would recommend their services to anyone. Thanks, PVR!"
            -Linda Fricke of Massachusetts

"I panicked when the tape didn't play. There is no way to go back and redo a wedding. Great service and would recommend anyone to you that had the same problem."
            -Tim Hicklin of Florida

"I have been putting this off for many years because I was afraid of the cost. But Pacific Video was way more reasonable than I expected and their service is nothing short of spectacular. A good old-fashioned American business with good-old-fashioned American ethics. Outstanding!"
            -Cheryl Fontaine of Washington

"Outstanding service :) I am very pleased with the repair and the quality of the DVD. You saved a family memory, thank you!"
            -David Brinser of Georgia

"I was very pleased with the fast turn around, and the quality of the video was perfect. Thank you"
            -Jeff Kirkpatrick of Florida

"Saving what was on the VCR tape made an Old Man's day."
            -Kenyon Drew of Georgia

"Pacific Video Repair did a great job for me. They repaired a miniDV tape and I was able to successfully retrieve my data. I recommend them and would definitely utilize their services in the future."
            -Danny McAlister of Texas

"I was so upset when the tape with the day my son was born broke. I hoped that you could fix it and trusted you with it, and I am glad that I did! The work was excellent."
            -Mary Kay Hill of Arkansas

"I am very happy and satisfied with my order. I had a heavily damaged video tape put on to a DVD. The service was excellent and the cost quite a bargain."
            -Jane Reyes of California

"Excellent service and excellent customer service. I thought my VHS tapes were gone forever. I would definitely recommend Pacific Video Repair."
            -Fred Kalibbala of Pennsylvania

"The day I went to transfer my wedding video from my camcorder to DVD, my camera decided to "eat" my tape. My heart sank as I wound up breaking my camera and damaging the tape. After several calls locally, I searched the web and found your service. You have no idea how pleased I was to find you could not only repair the tape, but go ahead and transfer it to DVD. Your service to notify me of the status of the repair and transfer and re- shipment is in my mind is absolutely some of the best customer service I have seen anywhere and something you should take pride in. I watched the DVD the day it came back in the mail, and I could not have been more pleased with the results. Your service is excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs tapes repaired or transferred. You have helped me preserve my precious memories and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you once more for a job well done and an exceptional commitment to your customers."
            -Susan Stevens of California

"I am very satisfied with your work. You saved a tape that contained events and loved ones that can never be replaced. Thanks so much for your work.
            -Beverly Gunter of Louisiana

"I am extremely happy with the tape repairs, the cost, the fast turnaround, and the e-mail communications. Thank you."
            -Clayton Keller of Kansas

"I am very satisfied with your service. My children's baby pictures are saved! Thank you!"
            -Sheila Malacaria of Massachusetts

"When I needed quick turn around, you did that, then shipped my tape back express mail which really helped me with my client. Thank you very much, and I have bookmarked your site for the next time I need your service."
            -Richard Swain of Texas

"It was fast, affordable and most importantly you were able to fix our tape. We were a little nervous at first to send our tape to WA, but nobody around my area could fix it! My daughter accidentally broke (snapped) our miniDV tape from the Christmas we got the kids a sheepdog puppy. The kids were young when we got the puppy and they thought they would never be able to see the tape again. We really thought the memories on that tape were lost forever! Thanks to the great work from Pacific Video, we are able to hold on to and cherish the memories from that Christmas video. We will be surprising them again this Christmas with the fixed tape Pacific Video transferred to a DVD! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
            -Lori Denniston of Ohio

"I will definitely use your service again and recommend this to others. You are a very customer oriented company that knows that our tapes/videos are an important part of our life. Thanks!"
            -Lori Webster of California

"You guys were great and did exactly what you said you do. The video came back fixed, and in a more than timely manner. I would recommend you to anyone, any time."
            -Bob Hill of Florida

"You guys saved my bacon by being able to transfer my miniDV tapes to DVD when my Canon GL2 had to go to the 'hospital'! I was then able to complete my video project in a timely fashion."
            -Kathy Aanestad of California

"I was completely satisfied with Pacific Video Repair's service from beginning to end. I would recommend this place to anyone without hesitation!"
            -Nancy Drexel of New Jersey

"Very fast, excellent service. I don't know how you did it so fast but I am very satisfied."
            -Donna Parisi of New Hampshire

"My tape was returned in less than 2 weeks- from Ireland to USA and back again in this short time is absolutely excellent. You have no idea how pleased I was when I discovered your service. I had searched the web in the past but the general message was "moldy tapes cannot be repaired" The recovery of this tape means so much to me - I am very grateful- Thanks a million."
            -Geraldine O'Reilly of Co. Cavan, Ireland

"Thank you so much for salvaging my priceless video. I was amazed at the speed of your service! I especially appreciate the way you communicated with me at every step of the process. I'm so glad I found you and I will be sure to recommend you to others."
            -Maura Flynn of Massachusetts

"There doesn't appear to be any firm your equal this side of 'the pond', well done."
            -Derek Michael Freeman of England, United Kingdom

"Thank you for fixing our tape. The memories of my nephew's first few hours after birth have been preserved and now we also have a DVD of the footage. When our video camera ate the tape, I cried at the thought of losing all of the memories on the tape, and hoped that someone would be able to repair it. Thank you for providing this service in such an effective and quick manner."
            -Melissa Sanders of California

"This was a great resource for our company and we'll be using them in the future if needed!"
            -DynCorp of Florida

"Because you are located on the West coast and we are located in the Midwest, I personally was a little apprehensive about sending a valuable object/tape. Your obvious quality of work, sincere communications & fast service laid to rest any qualms we might have had.... definitely do business again!!! Thanks once again."
            -Dave Littlejohn of Wisconsin

"My manager was extremely happy since we were able to save our firm at least $100.00 or more by using your service."
            -Shirley Macias of Arizona

"The whole I'm in another country, has been quick, easy, painless...really effortless!!"
            -Stephanie Bailey of Sydney, Australia

"You did an amazing job fixing the VHS tapes of my childhood home movies that were broken. The quality of the DVDs you made of the tapes are awesome, too. Thank you so much for giving my memories back!!!"
            -Lisa Purser Tennessee

"Your company has exhibited superior service each and every time that I have been your customer. Thanks!"
            -Clarence Stewart of North Carolina

"I am so grateful that you were able to restore my only tape of my children's first birthdays! They are both in college now, and I was so upset when the tape snapped. Your service and turnaround time was amazing!"
            -Shari Zinter of Minnesota

"Very well done - it was much easier than I thought. It was actually easier to shop through the internet and ship than to look for a local supply house that performed the same service. I can echo the comments of many that your service and communication an excellent feature of the service. And less than a week from me sending to receiving back!"
            -John Tobin of New York

"As far as I am concerned, you go above and beyond to be sure your customers are satisfied. Your good will is the exception today. I will do business with you again in a heartbeat and not hesitate to recommend your services to family and friends."
            -James S. Collins of Massachusetts

"I am so happy with the results of my tape and your excellent service. I am recommending you to my whole family!"
            -Michelle Garrido of Arizona

"I am very happy with Pacific Video Repair. The service, the prices and especially the communication regarding my tape was excellent. I had "borrowed" this tape from a friend and "of course", it happened to me that the tape broke in "my" VCR. I was very upset and would do anything to fix this tape because I knew that that this was a special tape that my friend enjoyed and it was irreplaceable. My friend could not notice the repair, it was so well done. I have talked and highly recommended your company to my friends and family and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you so much."
            -Julia Torres of Texas

"I went to a local video shop first because I thought it would be faster. However they could not repair the tape. Your service was very fast."
            -Jennifer Winn of California

"It was fast, but most of all reliable. I am a skeptic about doing things online but I seriously would use this again."
            -Lourdes Garcia of New York

"Thanks for the great job and keep up the good work!! The service you provide is SECOND TO NONE!!"
            -James R. Shoffner of Virginia

"It's just really nice to actually get what you pay for! I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend you! Thanks!!"
            -Carmen Hanna of New Jersey

"I'm so glad you were able to repair my VHS was my son's 1st steps. The quality of the DVD you transferred it to is Great!!! I will definitely do business with you again if needed. Thanks so much."
            -Tina Bobo of New Jersey

"After loosing many personal items in the flooding caused by hurricane Wilma, it was nice to have some memories saved by your services. Thank you."
            -John Zimmermann of Florida

"You can imagine how relieved I was to be able to have my 8mm cassette repaired because it contained video footage of my husband who recently passed away. What little video footage I have of my husband means the world to me. Thank you Pacific Video Repair for repairing the video footage of what both my husband and I took when we vacationed in Hong Kong in 1998. I highly recommend your service to any one requiring repairs to their damaged video footage tape."
            -Jo A. Forbes of Guam

"I held on to this damaged tape for 13 years hoping some day I could retrieve it. The moments caught on it are irreplaceable. Thank you so much!"
            -Cliff Vandover of Missouri

"I think you are outstanding. I was extremely pleased with your service and technical expertise. If I ever have damaged tapes in the future, I would only deal with your company."
            -Charles K. of Arizona

"Your service was the best of any business I've dealt with over the years, with status updates, fast, professional, reasonably priced and extremely competent! Thank you!"
            -Philip Kent of Virginia

"Don't change a thing."
            -Ruben Perez of California

"All in all, a pleasant experience. The tape was valuable, and the quality customer service gave me a comfortable feeling about the whole thing. I even received an email telling me when the completed the job and that it was being sent out. It was clear to me that my business was appreciated."
            -Steven Gotz of Texas

"Your expertise, as far as I have researched, are head and shoulders above the local ones. Good, good, good!"
            -Innis Cloete of Suffolk, United Kingdom

"Thank you so very much for saving our first family video tape. There are moments in the beginning of our kids' lives that can never be replaced. It's like the tape is the original and nothing had ever happened to it not a flaw, sound or picture. Thank you again for your video repair service."
            -David Robles of California

"I had excellent service and would recommend Pacific Video Repair to every one of my friends and family. If I ever have a problem like this again, I know right where to go. Thank You."
            -Amy Wilcox of Colorado

"I would just like to thank you again for your service. The cost was more than reasonable, the repairs were done quickly and with high quality, and some cherished memories for my family were restored! I have and will continue to highly recommend your service to anyone and will not hesitate to do business with you in the future!"
            -Stephen Dickens of New Hampshire

"Thank you so much for salvaging my priceless video. I was amazed at the speed of your service! I especially appreciate the way you communicated with me at every step of the process. I'm so glad I found you and I will be sure to recommend you to others."
            -Maura Flynn of Massachusetts

"Thank you so much for giving us back the memories we thought we'd lost. Your service is wonderful."
            -David Bodie of Queensland, Australia

"Your video repair service is amazing. My MiniDV was so badly damaged that I though that it would be impossible to fix. Cassette case was damaged when I fell hiking in the ALPS. I then washed and dried my jacket with the tape in the pocket. I was heartbroken. It was truly a miracle that you fixed the tape and could make me a DVD. I can not thank you enough."
            -Lisa Santore of Georgia

"You people are awesome! You performed "as advertised" and repaired my damaged miniDV cassette and I got it back it in a matter of days after I mailed it to you. And for a reasonable fee. More importantly, you rescued my irreplaceable vacation footage, and for that I am extremely grateful. I will be happy to recommend your service to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you!"
            -Niles Goodsite of California

"The tape repair job was excellent, I am very happy, I recommended your company to all my friends."
            -Lothar Fehlow of California

"I hadn't seen the video for over 20 years. It was a pleasure to see the film. The baby in the film is now 20 years old and my husband has since passed away. So it was a pleasure to see the film. I will treasure it. You did a great job and I am very pleased with your work. Thank you so much. You are very nice people to business with. Thanks again."
            -Ruth Southworth of New Hampshire

"I would definitely recommend you. Thanks for everything."
            -Ray Gardiner of London, United Kingdom

"I appreciate your fair price, prompt service, easy to use web site, and communication via e-mail to keep me informed of the status of the shipment. I would use your service again and recommend it to others."
            -Beverly Martens of Wisconsin

"You guys are great. I had no idea efficient, accommodating companies like you existed."
            -Kaaren Yaku of Washington

"Fast service at a fair price. Rescued a tape full of family memories that a VCR decided to eat right after our father's passing."
            -Tim Koffley of Washington

"I am very pleased... Keep up the good work."
            -Mark Steadman of South Carolina

"I am thankful that I found PVR, and will certainly recommend them to anyone needing their services."
            -Chuck Chamberlain of California

"I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful job on fixing my broken MiniDV tape. My wife and I thought the tape was completely ruined when our camera ate it and you restored it and I could barely tell where it was fixed. Thank you again for everything! You have my appreciation for a job well done!"
            -R.J. Hoyle of North Carolina

"Best money I spent to get a tape fixed. My recordings are back in next to no time. Great customer service and great service for the cost. What a good company!!!
            -Jonathan H. of Massachusetts

"You guys gave me something very special that I thought I had lost forever. The tape was the birth of my first child. I had no hope that it would ever be fixed, but 2 years later, I still held on to it, found your name and thought to give it a shot! Well, you worked a miracle, and fixed it! I am more than pleased, I am very grateful! My memories are not lost! I can't wait to show everyone, and your name will be referred if anyone ever needs a tape repaired! Thank you soooooo much from the bottom of my heart!"
            -Jamie of New Jersey

"No one wants to lose precious video, especially one's first grandchild going down the slide for the first time, laughing and squealing. Thank you for quickly and easily repairing the miniDV, which I never thought possible."
            -Judy Bland of Mississippi

"This is my second time using your service. Both experiences were very positive. Thank you!"
            -Karen Chang of California

"We will recommend your company to our friends and family as we were very happy to have you do exactly what you said you would and quicker than expected."
            -James L. Schmitz Jr. of Arizona

"I just want to say thanks for the awesome service, and for helping me keep my memories!"
            -Brian Walker of Wisconsin

"My camcorder tape was spliced so well, I couldn't even tell where and I can't figure out anything that's missing! Can't thank you enough."
            -Dee Ramsey of Texas

"I put my tape in the camcorder to watch it and it was eaten. I didn't know what to do. I took it to some video cassette repair shops in my area and instead of fixing it, the tape snapped. I was devastated. I didn't know what to do. Finally I said let me take a chance online. I found your site and took a chance. Well, I am thrilled to say the tape was fixed, the DVD is beautiful and the parts that I needed were there. Thank you so much! You did a great job and I will highly recommend to others."
            -Vaso Demacopoulos of New York

"Thanks for the great and fast work on the tape, you are a life saver..."
            -Victor Miranda of California

"My husband made a trip to Florida from Mass. to see the Space Shuttle go off on the flight that John Glenn was on. And, not only did the photo shop lose his photos from the trip, but then the video tape broke. I had been saving it for years because I was hoping to find someone who could repair it. I am thrilled to be able to give him his birthday gift this year - a restored video of a historic event. Thanks so much."
            -Dawn Emery of Massachusetts

"Wow, that was fast. Thank you so much. That tape was irreplaceable."
            -Donna Simmons of Nevada

"Your business fills a small but crucial niche in the home video market. I'm so glad you're there, and that your services are so easy to use and so reasonably priced. THANK YOU for saving my family's memories!"
            -Jason Patent of California

"Great prices and excellent turn around time. The tape worked. What more can I ask for?"
            -Monica Embrey of South Carolina

"Pacific Video surpassed expectations. Not only was my videotape repaired well and returned very promptly as promised, but I was continually apprised of repair status via e-mails confirming receipt of my tape, tape repair, and shipment back to me. Moreover, questions asked via e-mail were responded to quickly. I highly recommend this service to others."
            -Doug Hughes of Texas

"Thank you so much for the repair to my tape! I tried to fix it myself but made it worse and I really did not want to lose the footage. Great service, thanks again!"
            -Craig McCaskill of Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

"I truly though my Honeymoon video memories were lost forever, I'm so happy I found you guys. You did an excellent job repairing my tape, you can't tell there was anything ever wrong with it. I've already recommended you to everyone."
            -Joseph Rabito of New York

"I would definitely use your service again. Hands down. I would also recommend it to all my friends, co- workers, etc. I thought I had lost a very sentimental video, and I can't believe how easy it was to get it back. You are true professionals and definitely know your craft."
            -Julie Chan of Massachusetts

"Thank you!! The tape works. Your work is wonderful and your service is fast and affordable... worth every penny!!"
            -Amy Miller of Washington

"Just had a chance to play it, thanks again- works great!"
            -Jane M. of New York

"It was just so easy and cheap. I had kept this precious broken video for two years. In a matter of days I had it back from y'all and I got to see my puppy video again. Thanks so much. You made me happy."
            -Jane Mauldin of Alabama

"Thanks for your ability to DWYSYWD -- do what you say you will do."
            -Clay Eals of Washington

"Wow- I'm so impressed by your service! The speed of your service was incredible and the constant communication very refreshing and reassuring. Thank you and way to go!!"
            -Kristina Clifford of Washington

"...I am very pleased with your service, thanks for saving our holiday. Your work is priceless."
            -Bren Hickey of Dublin, Ireland

"5 star service! I appreciated the constant communication and the quick response to my questions. And the turnaround time was very, very good"
            -Jerry Crockwell of Colorado

"I received the tape today and tried it out. I must say, the workmanship is excellent, and the speed with which you handled this was superhuman. I don't break many tapes, but I will certainly partake of your services again, if I need to. You should be very proud of your business. It is hard to believe that the entire turnaround was only a week. It must be old-hat to you, but that tape means a lot to me, and to have it repaired so swiftly and so professionally makes me very happy."
            -R. Saalfeld of Washington DC

"Two years ago I felt I'd lost precious family memories because I wasn't sure how to go about fixing the tape. Thank you so much!"
            -Kerri Daniel of Michigan

"Great price, great response back, sent a broken tape and I received in a snap my tape fixed!"
            -Mario A. of California

"You guys really did a great job, and you did it for a great price. It was one of the best internet service experiences I've ever had. Pacific Video Repair was quick, kept me informed, and the repair prices were incredibly low. They did an excellent repair job to my tape and got it back to me immediately. I'm a customer for life!"
            -Jeff Dahlin of California

"A First Class service - I especially liked the fact that I could pay by PayPal, saved costly money orders! Communications by yourselves were very good. I also liked the fact that I could submit my tape before payment - many thanks."
            -Mark Grzywacz of Midhurst, United Kingdom

"You guys are the greatest. Good prices and you guys did an excellent job! I noticed that you replaced both reels in my VHS tape when you could have gotten by, by just splicing the magnetic tape back together. That was definitely going above and beyond the call. These VHS tapes contained very sentimental family moments and nothing can replace the trust and service you've all shown me. Thank you!"
            -Brian Mayock of California

"Looked too good to be true. (But, as it turned out, it WAS true.)"
            -Ron Brown of California

"You fixed my wedding tape in time for my 10th anniversary, we haven't seen it for over 8 years. My father is in it. He has since passed as have some others in the video. You gave me back some very precious memories that I didn't even think of when I had the tape restored. Your service and price is like a step back to the good old days..."
            -Dan Fenlon of Michigan

"Good job, I will use your service again."
            -Sentive Landry of Louisiana

"They restored a part of my childhood that I thought was gone when I dropped one of my tapes."
            -Stephen B. of West Virginia

"Very satisfied with the quick, professional service. Couldn't be happier with the results... I would recommend you to my closest friends and family."
            -Rita Hampton of Florida

"You guys do good work. I will recommend you to my friends- you were speedy, too!!"
            -Nancy Blecke of Ohio

"I almost cried when I was able to view the irreplaceable footage of my son's first birthday on the repaired tape. I had taken my jammed tape to some local photo/video shops to no avail. I had practically given up hope when I found your site! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
            -Jo of New Jersey

"...VERY, VERY satisfied!"
            -Bill Schnase of Nebraska

"I had originally taken my broken tape to a local video repair shop. It sat there for 2 weeks and they never even looked at it, not to mention they didn't fix it. I then sent the tape to Pacific Video Repair in Washington and got the repaired tape back within 1 week of sending it. I'm very impressed."
            -Gerry Shire of Illinois